Retro art #2 – BBC B


Ahh… the magnificent BBC micro by Acorn Computers – a fixture in school and college computer labs for a large part of the eighties and a machine I remember with some fondness. (Busting out menus using the double height characters in MODE 7 was all the rage back in the day.) As such, this my first choice of machine to “immortalise” in the form of something decorative to sling on a wall.

This is the original logic board from a BBC ‘B’, which had died a death in a variety of exciting ways. (At least two of the chips were dead, there was a dry line or two on the board itself and one of the power supply pins has snapped off.) Based on this, I didn’t feel too bad about coating it in about seven layers of matte primer.


Unlike more recent attempts, the logic board sadly ended up being affixed with No More Nails under somewhat odd circumstances, as it was prone to peeling off the heavy duty adhesive backing when it was exposed to direct sunlight. (You live and learn.)

Incidentally, the look I was going for was very much that of Phong shading, albeit a matte version, hence with substantially more subdued highlights (the initial test subject is visible over on flickr), which works to a reasonable extent.

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