Retro art #1 – ZX Spectrum


A few years back, I created some (for lack of a less tedious and pretentious phrase) wall art based around a sadly defunct BBC B micro logic board – the intention being to create quite a few more pieces based around the same theme. Sadly, due to my richly intricate and fulfilling life inability to motivate myself beyond surviving the daily grind, things pretty much ground to a halt.

However, now that I’ve lots of spare time on my hands (another post for another time), I’ve finally gotten around to putting together another piece, this time based on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (yay!) logic board.


As a special bonus unlike the BBC original, this one is firmly anchored to the frame using the no doubt patent-pending “it’s just a bolt” approach, hence won’t tend to fall off the mounting when the temperature picks up, not that there appears to be much danger of that based on the weather forecast.

Just look at that bolt. Ooo. Bolty.

As for the original beeb model, I’ll snap some piccies and chuck it on here for the sake of completeness real-soon-now. (Update: It be here.)

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